ROV Cables

Ultra-deep water applications

DE REGT Marine Cables boasts over 90 years of technological innovation and expertise in cable design across many industry sectors, including Oil & Energy, Defense, Seismic Exploration and Scientific projects.

DE REGT has a strong and experienced team of engineers, capable of working on conceptual design and at project level, translating concepts into products.

  • ┬áSTRONG EXPERIENCE Familiar with the inherent design challenges in delivering a product that can function satisfactorily throughout its life, DE REGT offer a range of custom built systems for installation at ever increasing water depths.
  • CUSTOM DESIGNS DE REGT custom engineered cables combine maximum strength with minimum diameter to enable efficient data and power transmission whilst surviving repeated duty cycles over long periods, and typically in very harsh conditions.
  • STANDARD CABLES De Regt owns a large database of engineered, manufactured and qualified cables, which proof to have a long track-record in the field. Qualified and standardized components can be used to combine knowledge in the field of extensive material testing with the most economic production lengths to offer a versatile product to the market, which ticks the box on technical excellence and quality, taking into account the right perspective when it comes down to price.


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