Ultra Deep Water Applications

Ultra-deep water applications

DE REGT Marine Cables is a leading worldwide provider of custom designed and manufactured umbilical systems and specialised marine cables for a broad range of applications in the oil and gas sector, seismic and defence market and the growing offshore renewables industry.

DE REGT Marine Cables boasts over 90 years of technological innovation and expertise in cable design across many industry sectors, including Oil & Energy, Defence, Seismic Exploration and Scientific projects. The company’s engineering design departments include all disciplines essential to the specification and design of cable systems. DE REGT has a strong and experienced team of engineers, capable of working on conceptual design and at project level, translating concepts into products. In their latest feat of engineering excellence, DE REGT’s pioneering cable design has been applied in the marine salvage sector where they are working as technological partner with ultra-deep water salvaging companies.



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